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Saturday, 28 December 2013

So Far

I still have a billion things to do. But here it is so far. I have some planks missing and some tileable and some tweaking with some mesh. And of course... lighting...

Friday, 27 December 2013

I'm Not Dead

No I haven't died! Just been behind the screen working! I'm starting to get scared of posting my work again. And also because I'm BEHIND! *cry*

Anyway, I have been texturing. Here's a preview of my terrible texturing:

All under construction. This is the front door of the fable house. So that's stone, wood and metal but I obviously fail at metal... It's meant to be painted metal but... I don't know >__<

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Here's the video!

Better Shot & Alternative Lighting

"We Do Not Sow"

Unfortunately, I have to sow. So my Game of Thrones, Kraken Fire place in Iron Island is officially finished. I've learned so, so much in this project! I've made tons of mistakes and I sure as hell learned from them. I can now build my next project 0.1% faster XD The video clip will be uploaded later on. Here are some of the beauty screen shots.

Friday, 6 December 2013

I Smell Christmas

Just a tiny update. Still really busy with my Game of Thrones corner scene. As a result, this project is suffering a tiny bit. But not too much since I get pretty sick of lighting way too quickly. It’s just the most difficult thing ever (for me anyway). Maybe it’ll warm up to me eventually...

Anyway, I did a few more modeling. Not much done. I just roughly placed the objects in the scene and imported it into UDK. I don’t know what the random lines and dots are. Probably the lack of light maps. Anyway, it’s just a really rough block out for now. This house makes me think of Christmas actually... Maybe because it's near? Lol. I hope in the next post I’ll be able to show some lovin’ for this piece. (:

P.S. I still need to make it a bit more stylised and more like the concept. I'll bend some stuff here and there, i.e. the roof. (:

Monday, 2 December 2013

Into The Games Engine!

Sup, sup, sup, sup!

My right wrist is slightly injured. I have to wear a wrist brace to stop the pain. The only bad thing about it is that it's hard to work! I can't even hold my pen or the mouse properly! My performance is slower than ever! ): But hey! Still gotta work!

Anyhow... some updates! So school gave us another brief! It was sometime in November. I've put most of the detail about in my Polycount thread for it. I still haven't finish my Game of Thrones corner scene. Plus my wrist so it's a little more difficult. I'm doing a concept done for Fable 2. I believe 'Leading Light' did the concept? Correct me if I am mistaken.

I did my basic block out in maya and imported it to UDK. I couldn't do too much detail yet as Game of Thrones deadline is creeping up at me DX As for GOT I've imported the stuffs in UDK and added the materials. I need to tweak the textures some more. Make it look better and stuffs. Then do some shaders/material stuff in UDK and lighting!!! WOO! So much to do so little time!

I haven't sorted my light maps in my Fable 2 project (well the title of the brief is Wind and the Willows, but calling it Fable 2 project sounds cooler XD). But here are some previews~

P.S. Don't those robots just do my corner scene justice?? X'D

Monday, 25 November 2013

Dun Dun Dun! Game Of Thrones! Kraken Fireplace!

I have been MIA with my speed sculpts simply because I got so sick of them. The last one I did almost made me barf. So I took a break for while. And by break I mean full on school work. Squeezing in 2 hours of Tera Online so stop me from going crazy.

Anyway, I've been texturing. I was almost friends with Marmoset but last time we interacted was back in May and I very recently started interacting with it again. I guess we're back to acquaintances now. I need to get to know my future best friend(s) better. As a result, my textures look so blown out. It appears as if I've been so lazy and only added lambert shaders on them (especially the chair with carvings). I actually worked my ass off texturing and baking these babies. I'll make better renders in the future once I've taken Marmo out on quite a few dates. But for now, here's an update.

I attempted to make my own tileable textures in zBrush. Which is why it took a millennium texturing these. I got so many baking errors. Not to mention UVing! Since I'm no UV or tileable texture master, it seemed like I was racing with Usain Bolt. That's how slow it was going for me. My first tileable is the one with many bricks (right). It's obvious because it looks terrible. Not that the second one is amazing but it's a little better (I did it a little faster too).

I textured a lot of them in zBrush. I baked normal maps, AOs, cavities, EDT, EMB from xNormal. I also went to generate another AO and cavity in Knald from my normal map. Just in case I get something better. I mostly got better ones from Knald. I also got Convexity maps from Knald.

I'm also working on another project (so many at the same time!!) and I hope to post up some updates soon.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No Time

I didn't get time to post my sculpt yesterday and this morning but here they are now. I've been working on my Game of Thrones corner scene. I'm making my own tilelable texture from zBrush. I hope that goes well as it's my first time doing it >__<

So, I did the woman yesterday and the man today. I thought it'd be good to alternate from a man and a woman so I don't forget how to do them.

The ears need plenty of work. I will do a study in the winter holidays.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Another Ugly Female?

Uuu wee! I spent two hours on speed sculpt today. Mainly because I did a female, again. Last time I've received some feedback that she looks like a "man" or an "ugly female". XD I guess men are easier to sculpt but more difficult to draw. For me, anyway. So I spent about 45/50 minutes getting the basics down. Then I was saddened as I had 10 minutes! But I thought I'd spend another hour speculating the female face some more. And it helped a lot. I've made some progress but not too much. I've learned quite a bit.

The ear, god knows what happened to it. It somehow stuck itself flat to the head. Maybe it got a wee bit upset I didn't pay attention to it. It just destroys the whole head ;/ Anyway, I scrutinized the nose first then went on to the eyes. I've pinched the outer corner of the eye lid too much and I have no idea how to fix it without destroying the whole eye. Plus, I've already spent about 2 hours and 10 minutes on the whole. I didn't want to spend any more as I was frustrated enough and I have school work waiting. Then I did the lips and the rest of the head.

For some reason I always spot the errors when I do a zBrush render. So annoying. I've moved the ear closer towards the face a million times but as soon as I start comping it, it looks a billion miles away, making the head look so wide from side view. ): And her neck looks so thin. It's as if she can't carry her head and will snap. *Sigh* Anyway, I'll be a bit more careful with my next sculpt.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

I Want To Be A Character Artist!

I just had a moment of depression after doing my 1 hour sculpt today. I watched a time lapse video of Twilight Princess from the Legend of Zelda and I realised how badly I want to be a character artist! I will get there someday! *Raise fist up in the air*

Anyway, enough with the melodrama. After posting my last speed sculpt, a guy suggested I take a base mesh and change the face every 10 minutes. It went OK with the first two, but with the third one, everything just went downhill. It's my own fault for being too ambitious (but you gotta aim high, right?!?!) cos I tried to go from a man to a WOMAN! Feeling so ashamed, I didn't manage to post anything at all yesterday. I couldn't do any more speed sculpt as I had theory work waiting for me )': Day ended with a headache, obviously...

ANYHOW, today I didn't fail to do my speed sculpt! I attempted a woman this time. I always struggle with the lips for all heads. I realised she looked like she was smiling so I went on google and got a few smiling refs. I guess, she looks OK but not my best work (Do I even have a best work?). Practise makes perfect, right? I also added ears in as I've been getting comments about them. It looks terrible, I know. But I don't know much about ears and they're not really my friends. ): Maybe someday...

Friday, 15 November 2013

Last Piece

Last piece for concept art. I don't really like this guy, to be honest. It's the first guy I've started and finished. The very first one I attempted ended up lost somewhere. Guys are more difficult to paint than girls. Maybe because I'm always painting girls... Anyway, not my best work but I can't afford to spend any more time with this dude. ):

Spit Sculpts

So yesterday I started doing speed/spit sculpts. The first was terrible. But I posted it anyway so I can see my progress in the future. The second one is not so bad. I did what I could in one hour.

I started in spheres and attempted to apply the planes first. I spent too long on the eyes on the first one. So for the next one, I closed the eyes.

The first sculpt.

Today's sculpt.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Harpy ver. 2

So I got an extension for my concept art portfolio! Yay! I was supposed to deviate from realism since I did it for my Hera concept. I made a stylised anime Harpy. I didn't want it to be too anime stylised. I also made it into an anatomy and rendering study.

I have asked permissions from artists whom I got the pose from and also the outfit ideas. This piece of digital painting is purely for educational purposes only. Moreover, I didn't have a lot of time to do pose studies as I have many other briefs ):
Gang Road by LoveCacao
Applibot Illustration by Alex Negrea

Moreover, I did not have a lot of time to look and study wings so I just looked at some paintings and time lapse paintings on how to do wings. ;/

Here is the time lapse of my two harpies:
Harpy ver. 1 & 2 Time Lapse

I originally wanted to make bird hands but I just can't nail it (not enough studies, I suppose). It failed the first time and it surely failed the second time. However, i liked this piece a lot that I didn't want to abandon it with horribly rendered bird hands. So in the end, I gathered enough reference to do a human hand (I suck at human hands! Not enough studies, I suppose). I was advised to make the nails glow. (:

My final concept will be made next week. (:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Some More Of That WIPs...

I've recently been doing quite  abit of zBrush (((: I'm getting the hang of it. My work is far from perfect but I've been improving (someone told me). My concept art have been put on hold as I've been having 3D submissions. I am going to resume that very soon! Anyhow, here's some progress on my Game of Thrones, Kraken Fireplace, corner scene. I'm actually happy with it so far. Soon I'll get sick of it and be sad about it. I've also included a progress on my self portrait.

I'm also throwing a thank you to my brutal best friend who gives me extremely harsh but super good critics and advice regarding my work. Just like a commander training his soldiers for battle. In this case, I'm being trained to go into war with countless game artists in order to win that throne (a job in the industry). Also, a super special thank you to my guardian angel for giving me a zBrush license. Thank you is an understatement of how grateful I am.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Long Time!

So it has been a long time! I've actually started school end of September and boy so much work already! Most stuff are due beginning of November. By "most" I mean ALL! So I have about two weeks left... I wonder if I can ever make it! DX

Just looked out the window. It's pouring!

Here are some of the few stuff I'm working on. Hard surface modeling for a corner scene.

A candelabra. Really far from finished!

There's supposed to be items on the table. I'm not sure I'll get around to making them. 

I need to sculpt some shizzle on that chair!

A harpy for concept class. WIP! 

Hera WIP!

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Left Over

This is an old work of mine. I thought it's a waste not to upload it since I really liked it. It's just hard to edit since I lumped everything on one layer. It was one of those days that I just simply wanted to paint because I was so bored of school work.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


I've started another black and white study but I haven't finished it yet. Usually when I leave an unfinished work for so long, it never gets finished. I have two work, one black and white and the other colour. The colour one was more freestyle. School work took over most of my time so I left both paintings. (I will upload some of my school work later on). These paintings are uploaded quite late actually.

Anyway, I had a go at colour again but this time it is a portrait. My classmate had this stunning profile picture and I asked her if I could do a study after it. And so here it is. So many things to work on.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Another Study

Here is another study that I did. She was slightly harder. I have no idea why. Maybe because of the shadows or maybe I just don't know enough anatomy to render her parts correctly. These studies actually take me forever. ;/

Bellow is the progression. I attempted to add texture to her jumper but I couldn't pull it off. >__<

Friday, 5 July 2013

Black and White Study

First study done in Photoshop. It was very difficult actually. The hair looks decent. Many people have told me that she looks very skinny but she actually is, in the reference. I wanted to move on because I've spent so long on it.