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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fairy Tail | Lucy Heartfilia

I'm currently doing a study on both female and male body. I've started a male anatomy in Maya to practice my poly modeling. And when I got a bit sick of it, I switched to a female character in zBrush.

I was inspired by Hiro Mashima's character Lucy Heartfilia from one of my favorite anime shows, Fairy Tail. I've spent about two days on the male but and roughly the same for the female.

I'm currently struggling with the legs and the arms as I'm not too familiar with them. Well, with anatomy in general. So here's what I have at the moment.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Final Enviro

This took me about a month and a few days to do. Well not the entire month. I've had to deal with other stuff but this did take a long time! This was more of a vegetation test more than anything. Maybe a little bit of sculpting. From the concept, it's supposed to be some sort of a bird/human statue. I can't really tell. I decided to turn it into a giant Buddha however I was possessed and decided to turn it into some Goddess statue. It was a difficult pose to do. It was really hard to get the anatomy correct in such a pose. I took my own photos for the pose but I still didn't have enough knowledge.

Overall, I think it turned out fairly. The silhouette can be greatly improved though. And perhaps better texturing.

I originally did this in UDK. However, I had lighting problems. I had no idea what I was doing or what was wrong. So, there's supposed to be water. If I'm lucky, I might have some time to take a look at it in UDK and fix whatever needs fixing. For now, here it is rendered in Marmoset.

Original concept here:
Concept by arixxle

Sunday, 6 July 2014

In Marmoset

So I took the floating scene into Marmoset 1. And it's lagging a hell lot. I just wanted it there for the pretty pictures though. I have very little knowledge of lighting stuff so it was hard to light them nicely in unreal. I kind of like how it's turning out though.

This is just a snap of what it looked like in marmoset. No water of course. ;/

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Storm in the Willows

Well, all artists are never happy with their work. But there's really no point of me trying to "fix it" some more. I've tried to fix the small yet so obvious details that were horrifying. They probably still look horrifying...

Regardless, the pain of making this gave a good outcome as I now have some knowledge of hard-surface modeling and of what a pain in the a** it is!