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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Another Girl

Haven't blogged in a while.

I've been sculpting another character and she's the protagonist of a project I'm working on. Now, people will probably question why I'm only doing girls... well, girls are fun! XD but for this project I am making three characters, two of which are male. One is an older person that we labelled a psychotic ex-con and the other, a wounded side character whilst the protagonist try to defend them from the ex-con. FUN!

Anyway, I will post about the psycho later. For now, here's another female! Cos everyone loves them! Haha!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

More Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf knows not to mess with her anymore. lol.

Anyway, I was suggested to try a different matcap. It's one by zbro. After polypainting her (properly this time), I realised I liked her pale skin more. I worked on two different PCs. One time at mine and one time at school. At school her skin seemed pale enough, but on my screen more orange. Who knows, maybe in others she's pink >__<

Anyway, gonna have to move on. Making a male this time. But it will be for my upcoming project.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

So, last time I posted I was working on Lucy Heartfilia. Sadly, she's been put on hold. The one I am posting now was supposed to be a portrait study, but I decided to add half a body on her. School started and all, and for my upcoming projects, I am working on characters! Yay! So I had to some portrait practice. Reason for that is, after Lucy, I had to work on an environment. I will soon update on that when I get a chance ;/

The cloak is made in Marvelous Designer. It's my first time using the program so I wanted to make something simple for now. I will make my own cloth studies and make folds myself, I just wanted to test it out and see how it is. They are all in zBrush, sculp + Polypaint. Here's a bad girl version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fairy Tail | Lucy Heartfilia

I'm currently doing a study on both female and male body. I've started a male anatomy in Maya to practice my poly modeling. And when I got a bit sick of it, I switched to a female character in zBrush.

I was inspired by Hiro Mashima's character Lucy Heartfilia from one of my favorite anime shows, Fairy Tail. I've spent about two days on the male but and roughly the same for the female.

I'm currently struggling with the legs and the arms as I'm not too familiar with them. Well, with anatomy in general. So here's what I have at the moment.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Final Enviro

This took me about a month and a few days to do. Well not the entire month. I've had to deal with other stuff but this did take a long time! This was more of a vegetation test more than anything. Maybe a little bit of sculpting. From the concept, it's supposed to be some sort of a bird/human statue. I can't really tell. I decided to turn it into a giant Buddha however I was possessed and decided to turn it into some Goddess statue. It was a difficult pose to do. It was really hard to get the anatomy correct in such a pose. I took my own photos for the pose but I still didn't have enough knowledge.

Overall, I think it turned out fairly. The silhouette can be greatly improved though. And perhaps better texturing.

I originally did this in UDK. However, I had lighting problems. I had no idea what I was doing or what was wrong. So, there's supposed to be water. If I'm lucky, I might have some time to take a look at it in UDK and fix whatever needs fixing. For now, here it is rendered in Marmoset.

Original concept here:
Concept by arixxle

Sunday, 6 July 2014

In Marmoset

So I took the floating scene into Marmoset 1. And it's lagging a hell lot. I just wanted it there for the pretty pictures though. I have very little knowledge of lighting stuff so it was hard to light them nicely in unreal. I kind of like how it's turning out though.

This is just a snap of what it looked like in marmoset. No water of course. ;/

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Storm in the Willows

Well, all artists are never happy with their work. But there's really no point of me trying to "fix it" some more. I've tried to fix the small yet so obvious details that were horrifying. They probably still look horrifying...

Regardless, the pain of making this gave a good outcome as I now have some knowledge of hard-surface modeling and of what a pain in the a** it is!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Still just a WIP

This is no where near complete. The top cliff need some plants and texture fixes. At the moment everything is too clean. Will need to mess him up quite a bit. The concept is off of someone, I will definitely give that person full credit. At the moment, I'm just throwing a quick preview of what I've been up to. It's a break from Storm in the Willows. Although not much needs to be done to it, just a couple of texture fixes.

I'm not a lighting person and so I have no idea what I'm doing DX.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Working Silently!

I've been inactive online but I've been busy working on a new mini environment. I still have to post proper shots of the Storm in the Willows project. I feel that the railbike did not get nicer shots. I'm also moving out of my student home for the summer so everything is slow. For now here is an incomplete polypainted statue. I have gone farther than this. I am currently occupied with packing and cleaning to do more shots.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Final Assets (For Deadlines Only)

Special thanks to Victor Gaza for the many, good and heart breaking feedback. I'm going to fix the hell out of these and also remake some as most of them were not done up to my satisfaction. For now, I am posing the weasel for our trailer. Not going too well and it looks so weird. Also waiting to set up the cameras in cryengine as my team mate is currently doing some lighting. I've made a portrait but I haven't included it here.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

To Albion City with Mr. Bagot

I was adding stickers to an old Victorian suitcase and I came across an identity and destination sticker. It was blank so I went to generate a Victorian/Steam-punk name and it gave me, "John Paul Charles Bagot". XD

Anyway, I surprisingly like this suitcase despite the fact I did it half assed and done in 2 days. Well, half a day modelling and another half texturing. Not just this suitcase, along with some plates, a thin material rug and toolbox fix. Had to do them really quickly as they are stuff for the background only. After the submission, I will do this suitcase again and make it even prettier. I love vintage stuff. Eheh.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Photography Indulgence

I allowed myself to indulge in some photography the other day. My friend wanted a photoshoot session and I wanted to as well. But it was too cold to go any where too far and I had work! Also, we didn't have a very good lighting in the house and the environment wasn't giving me much inspiration. I had some ideas in my head but I was too distracted. Nevertheless, we went for it anyway. I needed a break. A few days after I indulged in editing two photos. I chose the one where her faces aren't in it. XD A story just popped in my head as I chose the photos.

The first one is dark, yes. However, I really like the concept of it. Being vulnerable and alone. It was actually at the time when she was pulling her dress up. When I captured it, her posture is small and curled up and the light was just perfect. I wanted to have a silhouette against the window. The highlights on her skin is nice, because it shows a part of her - the part that she allows the world to see. The darkness is bigger than the light to show her loneliness and the lack of hope she has. Darkness engulfs her more than the light, being alone, vulnerable and in the dark.

For the second one, I wanted to have an old photo feel. I wanted the feel of one of those photos that makes you wonder, who she is, what life she led/leads, what does she look like? You want to know more about her.

I will edit more photos later on when time allows!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Goodbye Dents

So, I'm trying to see how the metal reads under different lights. I think it reads like metal, right? I also removed some of the dents as I was told it looked like sh**. >_< But I think the material itself seems good? I have to get back to the leather now. Give it some more love and I'm soon finished with this! Going back to my car this weekend. <3

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Another Update!

I'm on fire today! (Not really, I literally stared into space for hours today until I fell asleep and woke up with so much guilt). Anyway, here's just some update on my sofa. Trying to nail that metal and leather material! Hard stuff! But I think it's coming along?

Monday, 14 April 2014

But What Happened To The Vehicle?

The vehicle is a total abomination. My texturing skills did not do it any justice. Not that it did anything justice. >_< But any way, the scratches are all unnatural. It's was quite difficult for me to understand the nature of scratches, rust and dirt on a vehicle. I'm currently getting some feedback on it so I can make them appear more natural and not random. For the meantime, I did the couch (as seen in previous posts). For the vehicle, I am currently working on 4K textures and it has 3 maps. The main body will remain 4K, the wheel will become 2K and the assets around it will also be 2K.


Progress on the couch is lot faster since it's the most fun! Well, I had a lot of fun making the bag for the car. But unfortunately, I couldn't spend a lot of time on it. ): So here's a bake of the couch. I thought retopoligising and UVing would take a day each. Well, half a day for UV but retopo surprisingly took a little less than half the estimated time and the UV just swung by. (: I thought the bake turned out surprisingly sweet. I might go and optimise the geometry some more and see what can be done. Then off to texture this baby!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Steampunk Sofa

It's been a while. My car is almost there. (Yes still not finished!) It will never be complete for my portfolio any way. I'm new to the pbr stuff so it's taken a while to understand stuff. I just need to readjust my damage passes because they don't look natural. Also, hard surface is just not my friend. So I've moved on to the couch that I have to make for the Storm in the Willows project. I'm gonna finish up the sculpting tonight and retopo tomorrow and so on.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Vehicle Update | So Slow

Okay so I haven't progressed much! ): Apart from other briefs, I had so much difficulty with this! Hard surface is much harder than I thought. I had to fix a lot of things and my lecturer pushed me to have this baked and textured in two weeks! (I haven't even retopologised when he said it and two weeks is up) I obviously didn't manage to. I baked some of it. I still have to fix baking errors with the items that are not in the picture.

Some close up for the sculptings too. They were the most fun. I spent the first week fixing the models and it took longer than usual as I had an essay due and then spent another week on retopo and the basically the weekend UVing and trying to bake as much as I can. I'll definitely go back and do some more fixing!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Steampunk Vehicle Update

Just an update on where this guy is atm. Things I need to fix are the chains and the spikes on the tire. I completely forgot to add control edges. I need to tweak some stuff here and there and finish off some sculpting.

I've mainly focused on a better shape and changed the proportions. I've also found a better way of making the tires. And I've also done some sculpting. More to show in another post.

The aim for this guy is to finish him in two weeks ): then I have to start doing other assets. But I'll lose two days since I have to do my theory. Why oh why...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wind in the Willows

My team decided to call us "The Best". Anyway, we're making a MOD for the game "The Wind in the Willows". I think it's gonna be called "Storm in the Willows" instead. It's based on the Victorian era and it's made by the student's bits and bobs.

We're put into different teams and in my team I'm responsible for the vehicle and a sofa which will be hero assets. I suck at hard surface so much but here it is. We all gotta start somewhere, right? So here's my proper go at hard surface modeling. Progress is super slow though. Right now, the tires are disgusting and there are some bits missing and some bits that need sculpting.

I will be presenting this to class tomorrow.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Lana Del Rey Sculpt

I'm a little obsessed by Lana Del Rey so I decided to make a zBrush sculpt of her as well. It's not very well done yet though. I started off from a zSphere, making a base mesh etc. I then made the head separate to have more polys for details. The body isn't done yet. I have to do the arms and the knees are my worst nightmare at this moment.

I did this study as I was being indecisive whether to do a character or environment for the upcoming project. Characters have to be anthropomorphic. But in the end I decided to do environment. I love characters more but they'll just have to wait a little bit more.

I must say, Joseph Harford's master class helped a lot. I think she's a little step up from my manly female zBrush sculpts.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lana Del Rey Colour Study

I haven't done a lot of 2D recently and I decided to paint Lana Del Rey. I'm a bit rusty... who am I kidding, I've always been sucky XD. I don't think she looks too bad. It was too hard not to just colour pick and paint straight on the canvas. Had to study colours and stuff. I don't think I failed too miserably. I didn't have the patience to do the flowers on her head though.

Anyway, I have to get back into 3D now. ((:

The process she went through.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Girl Sculpt

I did this female sculpt cos I was procrastinating! Was supposed to finish my essay but I decided to chill instead XD. I guess she looks more female than my previous sculpts. Well, I still got lots to learn! Females are so damn hard. The bottom pic was just for fun.