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Monday, 10 February 2014

Lana Del Rey Sculpt

I'm a little obsessed by Lana Del Rey so I decided to make a zBrush sculpt of her as well. It's not very well done yet though. I started off from a zSphere, making a base mesh etc. I then made the head separate to have more polys for details. The body isn't done yet. I have to do the arms and the knees are my worst nightmare at this moment.

I did this study as I was being indecisive whether to do a character or environment for the upcoming project. Characters have to be anthropomorphic. But in the end I decided to do environment. I love characters more but they'll just have to wait a little bit more.

I must say, Joseph Harford's master class helped a lot. I think she's a little step up from my manly female zBrush sculpts.

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