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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Final Enviro

This took me about a month and a few days to do. Well not the entire month. I've had to deal with other stuff but this did take a long time! This was more of a vegetation test more than anything. Maybe a little bit of sculpting. From the concept, it's supposed to be some sort of a bird/human statue. I can't really tell. I decided to turn it into a giant Buddha however I was possessed and decided to turn it into some Goddess statue. It was a difficult pose to do. It was really hard to get the anatomy correct in such a pose. I took my own photos for the pose but I still didn't have enough knowledge.

Overall, I think it turned out fairly. The silhouette can be greatly improved though. And perhaps better texturing.

I originally did this in UDK. However, I had lighting problems. I had no idea what I was doing or what was wrong. So, there's supposed to be water. If I'm lucky, I might have some time to take a look at it in UDK and fix whatever needs fixing. For now, here it is rendered in Marmoset.

Original concept here:
Concept by arixxle

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