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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Photography Indulgence

I allowed myself to indulge in some photography the other day. My friend wanted a photoshoot session and I wanted to as well. But it was too cold to go any where too far and I had work! Also, we didn't have a very good lighting in the house and the environment wasn't giving me much inspiration. I had some ideas in my head but I was too distracted. Nevertheless, we went for it anyway. I needed a break. A few days after I indulged in editing two photos. I chose the one where her faces aren't in it. XD A story just popped in my head as I chose the photos.

The first one is dark, yes. However, I really like the concept of it. Being vulnerable and alone. It was actually at the time when she was pulling her dress up. When I captured it, her posture is small and curled up and the light was just perfect. I wanted to have a silhouette against the window. The highlights on her skin is nice, because it shows a part of her - the part that she allows the world to see. The darkness is bigger than the light to show her loneliness and the lack of hope she has. Darkness engulfs her more than the light, being alone, vulnerable and in the dark.

For the second one, I wanted to have an old photo feel. I wanted the feel of one of those photos that makes you wonder, who she is, what life she led/leads, what does she look like? You want to know more about her.

I will edit more photos later on when time allows!

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