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Monday, 24 March 2014

Vehicle Update | So Slow

Okay so I haven't progressed much! ): Apart from other briefs, I had so much difficulty with this! Hard surface is much harder than I thought. I had to fix a lot of things and my lecturer pushed me to have this baked and textured in two weeks! (I haven't even retopologised when he said it and two weeks is up) I obviously didn't manage to. I baked some of it. I still have to fix baking errors with the items that are not in the picture.

Some close up for the sculptings too. They were the most fun. I spent the first week fixing the models and it took longer than usual as I had an essay due and then spent another week on retopo and the basically the weekend UVing and trying to bake as much as I can. I'll definitely go back and do some more fixing!

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