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Friday, 6 December 2013

I Smell Christmas

Just a tiny update. Still really busy with my Game of Thrones corner scene. As a result, this project is suffering a tiny bit. But not too much since I get pretty sick of lighting way too quickly. It’s just the most difficult thing ever (for me anyway). Maybe it’ll warm up to me eventually...

Anyway, I did a few more modeling. Not much done. I just roughly placed the objects in the scene and imported it into UDK. I don’t know what the random lines and dots are. Probably the lack of light maps. Anyway, it’s just a really rough block out for now. This house makes me think of Christmas actually... Maybe because it's near? Lol. I hope in the next post I’ll be able to show some lovin’ for this piece. (:

P.S. I still need to make it a bit more stylised and more like the concept. I'll bend some stuff here and there, i.e. the roof. (:

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