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Sunday, 17 November 2013

I Want To Be A Character Artist!

I just had a moment of depression after doing my 1 hour sculpt today. I watched a time lapse video of Twilight Princess from the Legend of Zelda and I realised how badly I want to be a character artist! I will get there someday! *Raise fist up in the air*

Anyway, enough with the melodrama. After posting my last speed sculpt, a guy suggested I take a base mesh and change the face every 10 minutes. It went OK with the first two, but with the third one, everything just went downhill. It's my own fault for being too ambitious (but you gotta aim high, right?!?!) cos I tried to go from a man to a WOMAN! Feeling so ashamed, I didn't manage to post anything at all yesterday. I couldn't do any more speed sculpt as I had theory work waiting for me )': Day ended with a headache, obviously...

ANYHOW, today I didn't fail to do my speed sculpt! I attempted a woman this time. I always struggle with the lips for all heads. I realised she looked like she was smiling so I went on google and got a few smiling refs. I guess, she looks OK but not my best work (Do I even have a best work?). Practise makes perfect, right? I also added ears in as I've been getting comments about them. It looks terrible, I know. But I don't know much about ears and they're not really my friends. ): Maybe someday...

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