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Friday, 8 November 2013

Harpy ver. 2

So I got an extension for my concept art portfolio! Yay! I was supposed to deviate from realism since I did it for my Hera concept. I made a stylised anime Harpy. I didn't want it to be too anime stylised. I also made it into an anatomy and rendering study.

I have asked permissions from artists whom I got the pose from and also the outfit ideas. This piece of digital painting is purely for educational purposes only. Moreover, I didn't have a lot of time to do pose studies as I have many other briefs ):
Gang Road by LoveCacao
Applibot Illustration by Alex Negrea

Moreover, I did not have a lot of time to look and study wings so I just looked at some paintings and time lapse paintings on how to do wings. ;/

Here is the time lapse of my two harpies:
Harpy ver. 1 & 2 Time Lapse

I originally wanted to make bird hands but I just can't nail it (not enough studies, I suppose). It failed the first time and it surely failed the second time. However, i liked this piece a lot that I didn't want to abandon it with horribly rendered bird hands. So in the end, I gathered enough reference to do a human hand (I suck at human hands! Not enough studies, I suppose). I was advised to make the nails glow. (:

My final concept will be made next week. (:

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