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Monday, 25 November 2013

Dun Dun Dun! Game Of Thrones! Kraken Fireplace!

I have been MIA with my speed sculpts simply because I got so sick of them. The last one I did almost made me barf. So I took a break for while. And by break I mean full on school work. Squeezing in 2 hours of Tera Online so stop me from going crazy.

Anyway, I've been texturing. I was almost friends with Marmoset but last time we interacted was back in May and I very recently started interacting with it again. I guess we're back to acquaintances now. I need to get to know my future best friend(s) better. As a result, my textures look so blown out. It appears as if I've been so lazy and only added lambert shaders on them (especially the chair with carvings). I actually worked my ass off texturing and baking these babies. I'll make better renders in the future once I've taken Marmo out on quite a few dates. But for now, here's an update.

I attempted to make my own tileable textures in zBrush. Which is why it took a millennium texturing these. I got so many baking errors. Not to mention UVing! Since I'm no UV or tileable texture master, it seemed like I was racing with Usain Bolt. That's how slow it was going for me. My first tileable is the one with many bricks (right). It's obvious because it looks terrible. Not that the second one is amazing but it's a little better (I did it a little faster too).

I textured a lot of them in zBrush. I baked normal maps, AOs, cavities, EDT, EMB from xNormal. I also went to generate another AO and cavity in Knald from my normal map. Just in case I get something better. I mostly got better ones from Knald. I also got Convexity maps from Knald.

I'm also working on another project (so many at the same time!!) and I hope to post up some updates soon.

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