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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Some More Of That WIPs...

I've recently been doing quite  abit of zBrush (((: I'm getting the hang of it. My work is far from perfect but I've been improving (someone told me). My concept art have been put on hold as I've been having 3D submissions. I am going to resume that very soon! Anyhow, here's some progress on my Game of Thrones, Kraken Fireplace, corner scene. I'm actually happy with it so far. Soon I'll get sick of it and be sad about it. I've also included a progress on my self portrait.

I'm also throwing a thank you to my brutal best friend who gives me extremely harsh but super good critics and advice regarding my work. Just like a commander training his soldiers for battle. In this case, I'm being trained to go into war with countless game artists in order to win that throne (a job in the industry). Also, a super special thank you to my guardian angel for giving me a zBrush license. Thank you is an understatement of how grateful I am.

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