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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lucy is Back!

Wow. Exactly one year and two months since I posted! ;O

So basically I graduated and started working at CA as an intern. I also picked up max. I was working two other projects other than Lucy. One was a vintage suitcase that I finished way way back and the other one was a python revolver. I sorta left the python for later and decided to keep working on Lucy. I've been changing my mind about her clothes and pose a lot. But I think she's a lot better than before.

I decided to sculpt her posed cos it just seems more fun and also good practise for learning the muscles - how they look when a person flex/poses/etc.

At the moment, she looks utter shit since I kinda basically started again (design wise). Not that I am concepting her outfit, I've just sort of found cooler outfits for her. But I approve where she is going at the moment. Still lots to do though.