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Sunday, 12 January 2014


So I've finally finished it! Spent all day today and yesterday rendering and edtiting and it's finally done! It's not perfect, of course. So much stuff to tweak. My deadline is tomorrow and perhaps I could play with this over the summer. Really happy how it turned out though. I thought I wasn't gonna get anything decent after the Game of Thrones scene but it turned out better than I expected. I actually hated my Game of Thrones scene and this one made me a little happy. ((:

The concept is from Leading Light. They did this concept for Lionhead Studios for the game Fable II. I hope I did their concept justice.

I made a night scene because I think it looks so nice at night with the lanterns lit and the windows orange with the fireplace light or some sort of a fire light source. I added some fireflies (UDK stock) but you can hardly see it because of the night stars.

The grass and the stones are UDK stock. Also the fireflies as mentioned above. I think it just helps sell the house. Also, the sky and the moon is from the UDK night scene. What is nigh time without the bright moon? (:

I pretty much made all the textures from various methods EXCEPT the ground and the roof. They are photo sourced and were tweaked a little bit. For the ground I used vertex painting. I mainly got my textures from CGtextures. As for the rest, they are done in photoshop. The other tileables, I made in zBrush. I sculpted almost everything in my scene.

Lastly, I would like to say a big special thank you to Victor Gaza for all the crits and advice he has given me. Also for the video and how I should go about doing the cinematic and what transitions to put because apparently, I'm hopeless when it comes to it.




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